A lot of thought goes into painting your property because the paint is a long-term project and can be stuck with you for years. Of course, you can choose to paint over your original color choice, but that may be a waste of time and resources. As such, you’ll have to carefully decide all the important factors such as the color of the paint, the type of paint and finish, and most importantly, the best contractors for the job.

In this article, we’ll walk you through three of the best paint companies for your residential, commercial, and even government property.

Bernado’s Painting

One of the renowned paint contractors in Oahu, Hawaii, Bernado’s Painting, provides you with reliable services through and through. The company was established in 1999 by Bernado and has been featured twice by Honolulu Magazine as the Best Residential Painting Company.

Bernado’s Painting provides expert interior, exterior, and commercial paint services for the residents of Oahu. They take on large or small contracts and deliver commendable services with reviews you can read about on Yelp and the company’s website. 

You’ll be pretty satisfied with every service Bernado’s Painting provides you. Every paint product the company uses is from the best brand in the market and will prove highly durable and suitable for long-term projects.

Impact Painting

Impact Painting is one of the best paint contractors in Hawaii, and they provide services that prioritize environmental consciousness. Chris Averette founded Impact Painting in 2012 after garnering a whooping twelve-year painting experience.

The painters in Impact painting can deliver just about any scale of painting jobs and complete the process quickly. In addition, these paint contractors offer you a free color consultation session to make choosing a suitable color for your property much easier.

You’ll also get top-quality paint products at relatively lower prices. Impact Painting provides services for residential, commercial, and government practices, and you can visit their website to get a reasonably fair quote for your small or large projects.

SMC Painting

When choosing a suitable paint contractor for your project, it’ll be in your best interest to choose a licensed, insured, and bonded company and SMC Painting has all three features. These features are convenient in the case of accidents on your property. It also proves credibility, a key element to watch out for when choosing a paint contractor.

SMC Painting has more than two decades of experience, which means your residential or commercial painting is in good hands. They use the best supplies in the market to ensure that your paint jobs are durable and last as long as you’ve envisioned. They also provide these services at reasonable prices and will give you free estimates upon consultation.

You can consult them for both interior and exterior paint jobs, and they’ll provide satisfactory services. SMC Painting uses paints and finishes that are reasonably weather-resistant and strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. You can also hire a painting company to help out with custom interior paint jobs.

Premier Painters Hawaii

Premier Painters Hawaii is one of the highest-rated companies in Hawaii, so we don’t really need to say much about them. They offer an array of different services to ensure their customers are taken care of. Premier Painters Hawaii has completed hundreds of residential and commercial jobs. It is hard to find anything negative regarding these Oahu painting contractors. We recommend giving them a call if you find yourself need any interior painting jobs done. Don’t forget Premier Painters Hawaii when you are considering which painters you should hire!

In Conclusion

It’s best to carefully consider the painters, paint color, and finish you’ll use for your property, as the failure to do so can leave you feeling largely dissatisfied.

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